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2020 divided the history of Belarus and Belarusians into before and after. As before, it will no longer be. This is understood both by millions of citizens of our country and by the older man who, with his last strength, clings to power with bloody fingers.

The previously atomized society has shown incredible self-organization and mutual assistance. We helped doctors during the outbreak of a pandemic (the dictator called it "psychosis"). They defended their rights at polling stations and then on the streets of our cities. They donated money, provided shelter and volunteer assistance to those who fell into the millstones of the repressive apparatus.

"A Country to Live in" foundation is at the forefront of the fight against the Lukashenko regime. Our goal is to build a real country for life, a state governed by the rule of law, where laws are equal for everyone, without exception, and are not interpreted in favor of one person or clan. Our fight continues.

Right now we are

  • we help families of political prisoners financially.
  • collecting and transferring parcels to prisons,
  • we publish a newspaper in which we tell the truth about the arbitrariness taking place in our country
  • we organize legal assistance within the framework of the project "Let's get back on track"
  • we propose the separation of powers at local levels in the "Self-government" project as an alternative to the ineffective presidential vertical

We understand that only together, by all Belarusians' efforts, we will be able to remove Lukashenko, this heavy stone, from the road of our people to the democratic future. You can do your part to defeat the dictator.

We need volunteers:

  • copywriters
  • designers
  • SMM specialist
  • targetologists
  • translators into English and Belarusian

We need volunteers:

  • that work anywhere in the world. These are specialists whose advice will help in promoting the fund and its activities.
  • who are inside Belarus and will be able to form programs for political prisoners
  • outside Belarus and become Ambassadors of the Foundation in their country of residence. They will be able to search for other people and spread information about the foundation and its work.

We need Belarusians and just people of goodwill. The dictator's regime will fall sooner or later - this is inevitable. But together we can do it faster. 

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A Country to Live in foundation
Helps political prisoners and their families