They are killed in the colony

Natalia Hershe and Olga Klaskovskaya are tortured in correctional colony No. 4 in Gomel.

“Will is born in agony! They did not break me and they will not break me, I am with my people! "

Currently, political prisoners Natalya Hershe and Olga Klaskovskaya, sentenced to 2.5 and 2 years in prison, are serving their sentences in IK No. 4 in Gomel. Natalia has dual citizenship, Olga is from Minsk.

As previously reported by the media, they continue to be pressured and placed in a punishment cell in custody. Natalya and Olga refused to sew uniforms for riot policemen, thereby violating the internal rules of the colony itself (all convicts must work).

We learned from trusted sources that Natalia and Olga have serious health problems. They are not provided with qualified medical care, let alone sent for examination and diagnosis of diseases.

We again appeal to all caring Belarusians for help. Please help pay attention to this issue. Natalia and Olga are being killed in a punishment cell!

What can each of us do?!

Seek maximum publicity and officially demand hospitalization and treatment of political prisoners Natalia Hershe and Olga Klaskovskaya.

What to write, for example, I, a citizen (nka) of the Republic of Belarus, full name, guided by Article 45 of the Constitution, demand the exercise of the right to health care for Natalia Hershe and Olga Klaskovskaya (describe who these people are). I demand immediate hospitalization and qualified treatment until the full recovery of Natalia Hershe and Olga Klaskovskaya. Let me remind you that failure to provide medical care to a patient by a person obliged to provide it under the law is a criminal offense under Article 161 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

Where and how to write?
  • Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus in the Gomel region: 246049, Gomel, st. 60 years of the USSR, 1, tel. 8-0232 23-48-17
  • DIN Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, mail
  • To the head of IK No. 4, 246035, Gomel, st. Antoshkina, 3, tel. 8-0232 62-98-21

Friends, we ask you to spread this information and hammer, hammer, hammer with letters, calls until Natalia and Olga receive medical assistance.
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