Instruction. How to write to a political prisoner

As of April 20, 354 people were recognized as political prisoners in Belarus - bloggers, activists, journalists. The real number of people who ended up behind bars for their political views is even higher. And these people especially need our help and support.

The simplest and most accessible form of such support is to write a letter. Such letters give strength and understanding that you are not alone or not alone. We have prepared a mini-instruction with useful information for comfortable writing letters. Use it, save it, and share it with your friends.

The main thing is to write regular letters. Not sad, not sentimental. Yes, the circumstances were tough, but hope and faith in victory are important. Even in such a difficult situation, it is not necessary to write how bad everything is - this does not support.

Our common goal is to support our heroes who are struggling right now. And also, be sure to free them.

You can help political prisoners HERE.
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