We are looking for people who know the volunteers of the Foundation

For 194 days, for more than half a year now, Anton Stashevsky, Yulia Syrykh, Tatiana Ostrovskaya have been held captive by the lukashenka regime. The fault of the volunteers of "A Country to Live in" foundation is that they collected and delivered parcels to political prisoners, which means they helped those who needed it most.

Periodically, we ask all caring people to continue to support the guys: write letters to them, send postcards, replenish the prisoner's account. And be sure to send the answers of the heroes to our chatbot.

Today we call on people who know the Foundation's volunteers to contact us. It can be friends, acquaintances, former classmates, work colleagues.

Please write to us in the chatbot or direct Instagram. For what? We want to know what our heroes are in everyday life, what they dreamed about, what funny (or not) cases happened to them. What is remembered. It's completely anonymous. We will collect your stories and talk about them so that as many people know about the situation with the Foundation's volunteers and support them.

Please help us spread this information. Thank you.
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