We are looking for a volunteer psychologist to help a child whose mother is in prison

Friends, we need your help!

A child whose mother is in prison for political reasons needs the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist for a personal visit. The teenager lives in Minsk. After the arrest of his mother, his morale is grave. He is very worried. We are afraid that the guy may not be able to cope. He has had cases of suicidal disorder.

We need a specialist who will visit the guy 2-3 times a week, monitor him, support him morally and provide the necessary medical assistance.

Please, let's save the child together!
  • distribute this information through chats, offer it to other groups/channels, post it on your social networks;
  • write to us if you can provide qualified assistance;
  • please pass on our contact to those who can save the child.
Thank you, together we will definitely cope with everything!
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