How to subscribe a prisoner to newspapers and magazines? Which editions to choose?

Time passes slowly in prison. Another day is like a week at large. One of the main problems is information hunger. Sometimes the only source of information is Belarusian zombie TV. Therefore, we urge them to support political prisoners financially, write letters to them, and subscribe to independent newspapers and magazines.​

How to do it:
  • Check out the catalog of publications online or at the post office. Select the option you want, find out the minimum subscription period. Write out the signature code.
  • We subscribe: indicate the prisoner's name, the pre-trial detention center's address, and the subscription index.
  • Send signature receipts to the prisoner. The receipt must go to the librarian, who will receive and issue the publication.

What to sign up for?

Unfortunately, Lukashenko's servants threw out from the catalog several popular editions, such as "BelGazeta," "Narodnaya Volya," "Nasha Gistorya." Censorship is on the rise, but it is still possible to read even some publications with an alternative and non-propagandistic perspective in prisons.

The guys themselves ask in their letters: newspapers and magazines "Arche," "Belarusians and the market," "Dilettant," "Novy Chas," "Popular mechanics."

Subscribe political prisoners to independent media! The right of any person to receive information is enshrined in the constitution of our country.

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