When you don’t know where to start or you’re just scared. Instructions on how to write to a political prisoner

In prisons today there are thousands of political prisoners and people who are not officially recognized as such, but in fact are victims for their civil position. They all need our support. Let's try to give a little joy to the prisoners in Belarus for Christmas and New Year. How? This will be discussed further.

1. You can use a specially created bot with the names and addresses of our heroes. It is designed to maximize coverage and congratulations for all political prisoners! The bot gives out the name and address of the prisoners using information from dissidentby.com and viasna96, so as not to miss anyone.

2. Alfa-Bank has also launched a campaign of congratulations on the holidays. Each branch contains greeting cards and a box for them. An excellent opportunity to support political prisoners!

3. Former captain of the national basketball team of Belarus Yekaterina Snytina on Instagram urges political prisoners to write letters in exchange for gifts. The action is called "Secret Santa" in Belarusian. The procedure is as follows:
  • choose political prisoners to whom you will write
  • send three letters
  • send screen in a personal to Ekaterina Snytina
  • send the address and full name
  • receive a gift from Ekaterina Snytina
  • profit

4. The Internet resource Letters to the Cell offers a simple and anonymous way of communicating with political prisoners. On the site, you choose who you want to write to. Please include your email address and name or nickname. Letters to the Cell print a letter and put it in an envelope, a stamp is glued and sent to the desired address. When and if a response comes, Letters to the Cell will scan it and send it to you.

5. Letter.bel functions in a similar model. But here the letter can be sent for your money and do not forget to pay and put the envelope for the prisoner so that he has the opportunity to answer you

6. In the solidarity post office (an initiative of the Human Rights Center "Viasna"), you are required to fill out a short questionnaire indicating the name and surname of the political prisoner in the text of the message and (if you wish) your return address.

Friends, today there are many resources that will help you send a letter or a postcard to a political prisoner, including anonymously. Please use any of them, showing solidarity with our heroes. And this should be done not only on the eve of the holidays.
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