Conference of the Belarusians of the world

A conference of the world's Belarusians was held in Vilnius.

The diaspora played a critical role in the 2020-2021 protests. As a result, dozens of organizations and initiatives arose along with traditional communities that became an integral part of the Belarusian democratic movement.

The conference in Vilnius brought together representatives of Belarusian communities from nearly three dozen countries and 40 organizations. The participants discussed the plan and strategy of changes, projects, and campaigns of the Belarusian diaspora and coordination between initiatives, the Office of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, NAU, and the Coordination Council.


Among the speakers was Maria Moroz, head of "A Country to Live in" foundation. She became one of the speakers in the panel discussion “How to help the diasporas and the repressed.” Maria Moroz introduced the diaspora representatives to the activities of the Fund, pointed out the most challenging issues of its functioning.

"The main problem today is finding funds to help the families of political prisoners. There are 78 such families with minor children in the care of the Fund, to whom the Fund pays monthly assistance in the amount of 300 euros. We also organize campaigns to support families, now we are working on a campaign "flowers for a mother, whose son is behind bars", timed to coincide with Mother's Day.

The main donors (85%) are Belarusians inside the country. This means that we are still together, we are still in solidarity and lend a shoulder to each other.

Thank you, everybody. We look forward to furthering cooperation."

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