Littouwin Lions Club - organization of assistance to the hurted Belarusians

Another example of solidarity with the Belarusian people.

- What is Littouwin Lions Club, what is its mission?

- Littouwin Lions Club was registered in the USA in early October as a member of the worldwide Lions Club network and registered in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania as a charitable public organization. We believe that this will contribute to the integration of the Belarusian agenda into the information field of international charity.

The Lithuanian Lions Club unites 35 LIONS clubs that provide charity and support to communities in 20 cities and regions of the country. LIONS clubs in Lithuania have over 700 members, which will have a beneficial effect on working with Lithuanian organizations and support from businessmen of the Republic of Lithuania.

The mission of the Littouwin Lions Club is to protect the inalienable civil and social rights of the victims of the Minsk regime.

- How exactly and to whom exactly do you help?

- Program 1. Currently, politically motivated prisoners are deliberately endangered by the administration of correctional institutions. There is evidence that the administration of correctional institutions motivates this kind of behavior by saying that "we are doing everything so that you do not want to come back here."

Such actions endanger not so much the health as the very life of the convicts. The only way to support people in places of deprivation of freedom is a vitamin and medical transfers, which are given to them by loved ones. Compensation for the cost of medicines and medical examinations will make life much easier for the families of political prisoners and persons persecuted for political reasons. The program is designed to help both the political prisoners themselves and their family members.

Program 2. The Emergency Assistance Program for the Families of Political Prisoners is one of the key initiatives implemented by the charity Littouwin Lions Club. The purpose of this program is to contribute to the formation of a favorable environment for people who have suffered from repressions and provide assistance to families of political prisoners in crisis, their support.

- Are there any public examples of such assistance?

- All organization reports are posted on the website and social networks. However, we do not list the names of the persons who receive support for security reasons.

- Collaboration with "A Country to Live in" foundation: what exactly is it?

- Taking into account the fact that the number of political prisoners is growing day by day, requests for assistance are changing. Cooperation between target organizations allows you to close questions that arise among the target audience quickly, exclude unscrupulous persons from receiving help, and track those who were left without support due to some circumstances. In addition, collaboration strengthens work direction and allows you to be more mobile in responding to requests.

- On your website, I saw examples of events organized by you - why do you participate in their conduct, and how easy are other organizations or individuals to cooperate with?

- Our organization does not have any problems working together, since our employees are known to the main partners and are respected. The main task of organizing events is to draw attention to the Belarusian plan and hold meetings to support the families of political prisoners.
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