Maria Moroz: "No one will change our country for us"

Head of  "A Country to Live in" foundation Maria Moroz interviewed the Polish national newspaper "Rzeczpospolita."

About the work of the Foundation

Relatives of political prisoners turn to us. We try to help everyone, and families with children are offered permanent assistance in the amount of 300 euros per month. However, the number of those in need is growing almost every day, at first we helped about 30 families, now there are several times more of them. We are counted on, so we are constantly looking for support.

About financing

We are mainly supported by Belarusians who live and do business in Europe. In the near future we plan to organize an exhibition in Poland, where we will tell about the situation in Belarus and hope to attract donors. The problem is severe because now many people are fleeing the country. They need help.

On the situation in Belarus

The state has turned into a prison, and those who escape are often psychologically traumatized. Someone was afraid to go out for more than a year. Someone was beaten and interrogated ...

We intend to appeal to the Warsaw authorities with a request to lease a building where it would be possible to arrange beds and receive Belarusians fleeing the lukashenka regime temporarily. But, unfortunately, we see that the situation is getting worse every day.

About returning home

In the winter I thought I would be back soon. However, now it does not seem that the situation in Belarus will change for the better in the near future. One thing is for sure - no one will change our country for us.

Read the full interview here.
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