Minsk Forum in Warsaw

The Minsk Forum was held in Warsaw on November 12. The fact of such a geographic paradox, unfortunately, is not surprising. However, it is no longer necessary to explain to the Europeans why representatives of the democratic community cannot gather in the capital of Belarus today.

The Forum program included panel discussions in which human rights defenders, civil society representatives, and journalists discussed various issues of resolving the political and humanitarian crisis in Belarus.

Maria Moroz, head of "A Country to Live in" foundation, took part in one of the discussions entitled "The 2021 Migration Crisis and Challenges for the Diaspora". She spoke about our activities today and noted that only our Foundation provides monthly assistance to families of political prisoners with children.

"As long as this problem persists, our Foundation will work and create new ways of support."

The Forum participants also discussed the fate of Belarusians forced to leave the country because of their political views. Abroad, they often face the problem of confirming their education diplomas. At the Forum, Maria Moroz raised this topic.

As a result, an agreement was reached that "A Country to Live in" foundation, together with the Belarusian House and other Polish organizations that help the repressed, will appeal to the Polish government to simplify the procedure for confirming Belarusian diplomas for our compatriots.

Friends, please support the families of political prisoners with children. You can do this both on the donation page of our site and in the special section "Santa Claus mail."

Remember, solidarity is matters!
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