Is it possible to send money to a prisoner

Amendment of Art. 85 PEC RB.

Convicted persons have the right to receive money transfers from close relatives and other persons and send money transfers to close relatives and other persons. It is possible to receive or send money transfers from persons who are not close relatives of the convict or send such persons only with the permission of the administration of the correctional institution.

This means that money can be sent to the convict, but you need to get the administration's approval. Today this is hardly possible, given the attitude towards political prisoners in the Belarusian penitentiary system. Moreover, the level of repression is high, so it can be simply dangerous to indicate your last name in translations once again. But you should never forget about support. Therefore it is better to help through close relatives of the convicts.

Also, do not forget to write to prisoners, send greetings on the radio and generate online broadcasts.

Let everyone do what they can.
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