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"A Country to Live in" foundation was created last fall to support the volunteer movement and activists of all headquarters of alternative candidates for the 2020 election campaign.

Today the Foundation is striving for the following:

  • Release of political prisoners
  • Ending Violence and Torture
  • Conducting fair elections
  • Work rights for independent media

The first item on this list is the most pressing. Since August last year, tens of thousands of people have passed through the Belarusian penitentiary system. Hundreds remain in prisons to this day and are subjected to incredible pressure, both moral and physical.


People with compromised health do not receive treatment, end up in a punishment cell simply for refusing to greet the employees of the pre-trial detention center, are in overcrowded cells without mattresses and blankets. They are not allowed to sleep and see their relatives, even on dates.

Everything that happens today in our country has a definition - inhuman treatment and torture. There is no doubt that those involved will answer before the law in the new Belarus or the international tribunal. Crimes against humanity have no statute of limitations.

But right now, this does not make it easier for political prisoners. The task of our Foundation today is to help people behind bars, at least a little - with a letter, a transfer, or money. With your help, we send food to political prisoners and make monthly donations to family members, who are often left without a single breadwinner.


We urge you to help political prisoners and their families and disseminate information about "A Country to Live in" foundation so that as many people as possible learn about the possibility of helping Belarusians in prison.

Good will not be forgotten, and solidarity will become the Foundation that will allow us, Belarusians, to build a real country for life after the overthrow of the dictator.

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