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Appeal to relatives of political prisoners.

Friends, "A Country to Live in" foundation is the only organization that has assumed the responsibility and obligations of regular monthly assistance for the families of political prisoners. So why are we doing this?

Because we are activists, many of us have gone through arrests or days. So we know firsthand what it is like to be left alone with a problem when your loved one is behind bars.

Why is it almost impossible to support families monthly today?
  • Everyone we help remains anonymous. For security reasons, we cannot tell the story of a particular family, show a photo, share its needs - using this information, punishers can identify people and rivet an article and a term.
  • The help we provide is humanitarian support, for which it is impossible to get a grant. The fact that we provide you with this assistance does not globally change the situation in Belarus for the better, does not lead our people to democracy, and will not even allow your loved one to be released from prison. BUT! This help helps families not to be left alone with their problem at the most critical moment.

- we are obliged to find and payout more than 20,000 euros every month
- we can not tell who we help and show a photo/video with thanks
- we do not have a sponsor who will allocate this amount

How then have we been helping for over a year now? Thanks to you - our subscribers and friends, to all those who respond to our posts and make donations.

But now, this method of raising funds has practically exhausted itself. Putin and Lukashenko have been drawn Belarus and its citizens into a terrible war, which has already brought a lot of grief and trouble to every home. It is now the middle of March. Literally, in two weeks, we need to pay the much-needed funds to the families of political prisoners again - but we do not have them since there are practically no donations.

So we get to the heart of the matter. Why are we turning to you, relatives of political prisoners, and what can you do?

  1. If you have already left and are safe, tell them that the Foundation supports you and ask for donations.
  2. If you are in Belarus but still have acquaintances/relatives outside the country - let them talk about our Foundation without referring to you and ask their audience to donate.
  3. If you are in Belarus - start talking and draw attention to YOUR problem! Let us know how your relative is being held in custody, what pressure the jailer has put on him, what difficulties you experience without him in everyday life.

Become a friend and helper for your person. Talk about him publicly!

There are more than a thousand political prisoners, and our team has only seven people. We are activists who have lost our homes, live in rented apartments in other countries, take our children to school, and pay for kindergarten. And every day, we put YOUR interests and problems above our own.

Today, a year and a half after the repressions, the Belarusian topic has gone to the periphery of the European agenda. So we scream for help!
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