It remains to raise 17,100 euros to support 63 families

Friends, unfortunately, charity fundraising to help political prisoners is going slowly.

"A Country to Live in" Foundation has not had any advertising on social networks for two months now. So it is possible to spread information about us only through reposts (and recently, it has not been safe to do this either).

Copy calls for help to political prisoners and indicate our data, mark the Fund in social networks.

We take care of families with children we have been helping every month (for more than half a year now). Our Foundation does not intend to stop!

Our social networks, together with the YouTube channel, have about 20 thousand subscribers. If everyone transfers at least 1 euro, we will already collect the required amount.

1 euro is not much even in the conditions of today's Belarus with its stagnating economy. However, this is within the power of any person whose soul hurts because of the events in our country!

You can support families with children HERE.

You can collect the transfer to the pre-trial detention center for a political prisoner HERE.
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