Products are needed to generate programs for political prisoners

Solidarity is what we need today.

Every day more and more people turn to our Foundation for help. There are already 110 political prisoners in the care of the Foundation, to whom the volunteers broadcast programs on a weekly basis. Heroes of the Belarusian revolution are in jail and correctional facilities in different cities, but they are all waiting for our help.

What you can do right now:
  • spread this information through chats so that as many people as possible know about the opportunity to help
  • support financially if you can do it
  • buy products and contact our volunteer or collect the transfer online

What you can buy to transfer:
  • marshmallow, candy, marmalade, marshmallow, halva, chocolate b / p
  • potatoes, b / p pasta, b / p soup, refined sugar, flakes (buckwheat, oat)
  • sausage (dry-cured, uncooked smoked), bacon, cheese
  • envelopes, stamps
  • any coffee, leaf tea
  • crosswords
  • onions, fresh herbs, garlic
  • sunflower oil
  • vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes)
  • nuts, dried apricots, dates
  • biscuits, crackers
  • pens, notebooks, files
  • cigarettes, matches
  • toilet paper
  • fruits (oranges, pears, apples)

Many thanks to all caring people for your help.
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How do you want to help:
50 75 100 250 500
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