Appeal to the Belarusians of Lithuania

If you are a taxpayer in Lithuania and you have the opportunity to choose where exactly to send 1.2% of your taxes.

And you suffer because of what is happening today in Belarus.

Friends, maybe you were born in Lithuania, maybe you moved a long time ago, or you live here quite recently, after the events of 2020. But you pay taxes, which means you can dispose of where 1.2% of them will go.
  • you have already decided where to send this money
  • you are still thinking
  • you just didn’t know about it and didn’t think about it
Please give this post a few minutes of your time.

As of February 18, human rights activists recognized 1,061 people as political prisoners. But there are many more people who have suffered from the actions of the criminal regime. Moreover, not only people in prison suffer (the conditions of detention in Belarusian prisons, colonies, and detention centers can be equated with torture).

Their relatives also suffer. Children do not see fathers and mothers, wives - husbands, elderly parents - sons and daughters. Often the relatives of political prisoners are in serious need of money - both for a lawyer and for covering basic living needs (in the event that the only breadwinner is behind bars).

"A Country to Live in" foundation aims to help political prisoners and their families. We make monthly payments of 300 euros to them. Today, about 80 such families are under the care of our Foundation.

Perhaps you, like us, are not indifferent to the fate of Belarusians, who, at the behest of the criminal regime, ended up behind bars, and their relatives were left without support. We ask for support for these people.

In ancient times, there was a custom in Belarus - talaqa. This is mutual assistance, work for the benefit of affected members of the community. For example, someone lost their home due to a fire, or children were orphaned. Our ancestors came to the rescue and worked together to help build a new house or take care of children. We ask you to remember this custom.

Sooner or later Belarus will become free, but help in difficult times will never be forgotten.

Instructions for donating to Belarusian political prisoners.

1. Go to the site -

2. Then go to your profile

3. Go to EDS

4. Go to Pildity forma

5. Click on Prašymas skirti paramą

6. Click on the planet

7. Press Pradeti

8. Write the beneficiary's name or code (305633703)

9. Write the percentage, up to 1.2%

10. Next, you need to choose for how many years to issue a transfer, a maximum of 5 years

11. Next, confirm on Taip

12. It will also be possible to go in and edit or change the organization

13. You can select several organizations, but the amount of interest must be up to 1.2%

14. And at the end, click Generate a petition (green button)
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