"Send a postcard to the hero, show solidarity!"

Due to the mustachioed dictator's desire to jail everyone and bring to life the old myth of "half of those sitting and half of those watching," so many girls, wives, mothers, and grandmothers were imprisoned. And our Belarusians need to be constantly supported because prison is not the best place for the beautiful half of humanity.

Why is it important:
  • So that our political prisoners are not forgotten
  • So that the hope of victory grows stronger and in captivity
  • So that officials and security officials see the value of normal human relations, the ability for which they have lost in exchange for ephemeral power

So let's all together destroy this prison of fear, lies, and violence with a wave of solidarity and cards for our best girls! Addresses HERE.

Post your congratulations on social networks under the hashtag #WritetotheBeautifulBelarussians and send them to our chatbot.
  • Belarusians of Canada have already sent congratulations to beautiful women who are forcibly held by Lukashenka's regime
  • The columns joined the flash mob and, together with the children, sent congratulations to their dear allies
  • Velozavod sent postcards with congratulations to our incredible girls

Let's show once again the strength of our solidarity!

Support political prisoners HERE.
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