Letter from political prisoner Alexander Telego

"It is delightful that there are still people who do not live according to the principle " I do not care!"

“Without people like YOU, it would be much harder. If you have the time and opportunity, write to me about yourself, about your profession and hobby (unless, of course, this is considered arrogance on my part). And look, if you haven't seen my cats on Instagram, I miss them. @alexandrtelego "

Alexander Telego is a neurologist from Borisov who left for Norilsk 8 years ago. In 2012, they wrote about him on the official website of this Russian city, when specialists in “scarce” professions were handed keys to service apartments.

In April, Alexander came on home leave. He was detained on May 3 in Borisov for insulting representatives of law enforcement agencies. A criminal case was opened against him (Article 369 of the Criminal Code).

Friends, let's support Alexander Telego with letters. Remember that this is critically important for political prisoners!

Address for letters: Prison No. 1, 230023, Grodno, st. Kirov, 1
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