Why is it important to support the gathering of children of political prisoners to school

Friends, we continue our action to collect the children of political prisoners for school.

As of August 23, 637 people in Belarus have been officially recognized as political prisoners. 637 people who ended up behind bars not for violating laws and by a fair sentence, but for craving for justice and at the evil will of the dictator and his puppets from the UK, courts, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (you yourself can continue the list of these organizations).

Many political prisoners have underage children who have lost moral support and warmth, financial assistance, and guardianship. September 1 is approaching, which means that hundreds of thousands of Belarusian children will soon go to school. There are also children of political prisoners among them.

Even in better-fed times, getting a child to school was a daunting task for many Belarusians. It is no coincidence that for the past ten years in the "state for the people," there have been humiliating "loans to collect a child for school." Think about it, organizational chores and purchases, pleasant in their essence, have turned many of our fellow citizens into a source of stress and a serious blow to the family budget.

It is doubly difficult today when the country's economy is bursting at the seams and teetering on the edge of an abyss under the strict guidance of an economic "genius" from the Gorodets state farm. Belarusians survive.

In these difficult conditions, we ask you to support the children of political prisoners. "A Country to Live in" foundation has more than 100 completed applications from people whose children need help.

On our website, you can choose and pay for one or several sets of assistance - "first-grader Set," "Set for younger students," "Set for high school."

Please show solidarity. Thus, you will support children and their parents, who today endure torture in prisons and isolation wards throughout Belarus. Let them know that they are not left alone with the inhuman regime, that Belarusians will help their children.

Solidarity is our power!
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