Why is it important for us to support political prisoners

One of the essential activities of "A Country to Live in" foundation is supporting political prisoners and their relatives.

Thanks to your help:

  • We make monthly payments to families of people who, because of their civil position, ended up in prisons and isolation wards
  • We transfer parcels to places of detention. Sometimes even a pack of someone's favorite cookies can cheer him up, support a person in difficult conditions of captivity
  • We replenish the personal account of the imprisoned so that he can choose and buy something tasty from the meager assortment of the prison store

Why is it important

In 2020, many Belarusians were not afraid to openly declare their rights and oppose power seizure. Thousands of our fellow citizens were imprisoned. Hundreds are still languishing there. All - on trumped-up charges: the country's protest was peaceful, and dozens of security officials with "broken spines," about whom the ex-president shouted from the rostrum, has never been seen.

Even a person who has violated the law experiences stress in Belarusian prisons' conditions, close to medieval ones. We then can say about people, real heroes, who overcame their fear and found themselves on the front line of the struggle against the regime. They were beaten, thrown into prisons, tortured, and unjustly convicted. 

What do they feel: fear, despair? Or maybe hope?

Hope that they have not been forgotten, that other Belarusians will help their relatives, who could have been left without a livelihood. This hope is the least we can give.

You can help the political prisoners HERE.

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