Everyone can support political prisoners. Monthly subscription active

Friends, we never stop talking about the importance of supporting political prisoners and remind you that we have a subscription for automatic monthly debiting of any amount you specify. Remember, every charitable payment guarantees that political prisoners will get help.

Why is your support needed?
  • According to the dissidentby.com initiative, there are 1,261 political prisoners in Belarus. Almost all of them have families - parents, wives or husbands, children. In the conditions of today's "prosperous" Belarus, the loss of one of the breadwinners seriously affects the whole family's budget. And this is not to mention that the detainee needs legal, food, or clothing assistance, which also requires considerable funds.

Who can make a payment and how?
  • Any person or company. To do this, you only need a bank card (you have to enter its details or use Google Pay), a cryptocurrency account, or a bank account. Geography is also unimportant: you can support both Belarus and any country in the world.

The Foundation's Telegram channel has been declared extremist. Support - is it safe?
  • Using cards or accounts of Belarusian banks - no (even if payment is via Google Pay). We cannot know what will happen if you make a charitable payment with the help of a bank from Belarus. But you must understand that such a payment may not be safe for you specifically. If you want to support political prisoners, it is better to do it from a card or a foreign bank account. If you do not have them, contact your relatives abroad. There is also the possibility of a secure donation to a crypto wallet.

How to get a monthly subscription?
  • When donating, select the "Monthly" tab, enter the amount and follow the instructions. In the future, if you want to edit or cancel this subscription, you will need to contact us.

Thank you for being with us.
  • We continue to help political prisoners and their families. We say thank you to all caring people. Thank you for staying with our team and supporting everyone who applies to "A Country to Live in" foundation. We, like all Belarusians, want the Aid Foundations to fulfill their function and become unnecessary - all political prisoners are released, and those who left the country can return home. But until this happens - we do not stop and work.
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