Sign up for a regular payment to help political prisoners

Supporting political prisoners and their family members is painstaking work, but this is the only way to solidarize with people in prison. Regular payment is a convenient option for those who can help on an ongoing basis.

Our help is often all that a family can count on after the detention of a loved one. These are the finances that will keep you afloat - pay rent or loans, feed your children.

It is within your power to make this kind of help ongoing - please sign up for a recurring donation payment.

How to do it:

Step 1

On the donation page, choose the "monthly" option

Step 2

Specify the purpose of the payment, for example: "Assistance to political prisoners"

Step 3

Choose the currency and the amount of monthly assistance

Step 4

Click "Continue"

Step 5

Enter your email address and card details

Each ruble you have donated will help at least a little but make the life of political prisoners and their family members easier.

Let's make this help regular together.

You can support political prisoners HERE.
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