Help, you can not be silent!

The war in Ukraine has become a real litmus test.  The tragedy forced everyone to choose: to remain human or remain silent.

Today, the whole world is in solidarity with the Ukrainians: it provides military and humanitarian assistance, opens borders for refugees, and imposes sanctions against Russia.

In addition, many people show that it is possible to bring help alone.

David Beckham temporarily transferred his Instagram to the head of the perinatal center in Kharkiv, which talks about the work of Ukrainian doctors during the war.  Angelina Jolie came to Ukraine to show her solidarity, etc.

Today, we want to tell you about beautiful people who help us provide all possible assistance to refugees living in the "A Country to Live in" foundation shelter.
  • Psychologist Oleksandr Fotuyma comes to us and helps both children and mothers to survive their tragedy.
  • Roman Macukiewicz helps all our guests learn Polish and adapt to a new life. He comes from Wroclaw to Warsaw several times a week to teach Polish.
  • The charming Renata Yakubovskaya brings beauty to the inhabitants of the shelter. Renata is a hairdresser. In addition to our girls, she offers her help to other Ukrainians who are now in Warsaw.

We want to thank our wonderful volunteers. And also to thank everyone who does not stand aside in this challenging time for Ukraine and provides material, humanitarian, and psychological assistance.

Now we want to make the life of the residents as adapted as possible to the new way of life. To do this, our teenagers need a guitar to continue practicing and sports equipment (tennis rackets, balls, jump ropes)

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