Help for Belarusians in the shelter in Bialystok

A shelter for refugees from our country has been operating in Bialystok, Poland, for four months. During this time, almost three dozen people became its guests. Now it is home to 10 Belarusians who were persecuted in their homeland. They need our help. As a reminder, the shelter was opened in December last year with the joint efforts of "A Country to Live in" foundation and its Polish partners from the "Fundacja Bialorus 2020" organization and the support of the financial group.

For 4 months of the project's existence, assistance in living was provided to 28 citizens of our country in need of temporary housing. As of April 8, 2021, 10 Belarusians live in the shelter. These are 4 minor children with mothers and single men. Almost all shelter tenants are people who have applied for international protection in Poland. Now they are awaiting a decision.

Some of the tenants ended up in the house on the recommendation of "A Country to Live in" foundation. Many of them found volunteers for the project on their own when they had already crossed the Polish border. There were also cases of preliminary agreement on accommodation in the shelter of persons still in Belarus but planning to evacuate from the country.

The shelter provides completely free accommodation. The house is equipped with all necessary household appliances and internet. The length of stay is negotiated in advance and usually does not exceed 2 months, but it can be provided for a longer period in exceptional cases.

Those living in the shelter, with legal employment opportunities, are looking for vacancies, learning Polish through online courses, drawing up the necessary documents for staying in Poland, and actively participating in the Belarusian diaspora's life Bialystok. Children are placed in kindergartens and schools - depending on the situation with quarantine measures, they attend them or study online. There are no everyday difficulties in the shelter. All the problems faced by volunteers and residents are currently being resolved.

The only and essential difficulty is paying the rent for the house for the next two months. Fundraising continues, and we hope that we will be able to raise the required amount. We plan to extend the shelf life for another two months. After that, the project will most likely be closed due to residents' resettlement in individual housing.

You can help the shelter work HERE.
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