Aid to the people of Ukraine

The war that Russia has unleashed against Ukraine has caused the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe. The number of refugees in the EU countries has already amounted to more than a million people. And this number is growing. The governments of many states and various charitable organizations assist people fleeing the war.

"A Country to Live in" foundation has always been focused on the Belarusian plan and support for political prisoners in our country. However, we cannot stay away from the situation in Ukraine. Courageous Ukrainians are fighting for our freedom as well. This means that helping civilians of this state is a sacred duty of every Belarusian.

That is why "A Country to Live in" foundation, with the help of the “Belarusians of Rome” organization, turned to Progetto Sud, an Italian non-profit, non-governmental organization, for help. Our Italian friends responded to the call. On Sunday, March 6, they delivered the first two tons of charitable aid for refugees from Ukraine to Warsaw.

Here is an incomplete list of what representatives of Progetto Sud brought:
  • Sports and thermal clothing
  • Clothes (including underwear), clothes for children
  • Home accessories (sheets, blankets, towels, pillows)
  • Travel beds with mattress
  • Diapers
  • Baby seats
  • Engine oil, gasoline generators
  • Household accessories 
  • Medical equipment

The team of our Foundation accepted the cargo and organized its other logistics. As part of the humanitarian aid (household items, clothes, electrical appliances, beds), we donated to the warehouse of the Partyzanka volunteer initiative. This organization accepts refugees and provides them with the most necessary.

We placed household supplies in the warehouse of Fundacja Humanosh I'm. Sławy i Izka Wołosianskich. In the shelter of this organization, refugees from Ukraine have now found peace and will receive humanitarian assistance directly at their place of residence.

We sent medical equipment, medicines, gasoline generators to Ukraine. These things are necessary for the conditions of hostilities, breakthroughs in gas pipelines, and shutdowns of thermal power plants.

"A Country to Live in" foundation will continue its activities to help refugees from Ukraine. We are open to cooperation proposals from organizations from any part of the world. Glory to Ukraine, Long live Belarus!
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