Tody is the last day of the action "Send a postcard to the hero, show solidarity!"

Today is March 8, which means that the action "Send a postcard to the hero, show solidarity!" ends. But our solidarity with political prisoners and with each other does not end there!

The task of any dictatorship is to divide people, to leave them alone with the state machine of suppression. It doesn't matter to her who you are - a man, a woman, a child. The main thing is the desire for change and the lack of reverence for the authorities. Lukashenko’s regime throws adults in jails, beats and intimidates, without any relative gender. Children are left without parents.

Letters or postcards for political prisoners are one way to overcome the atomization of society, which means a nail in the coffin of totalitarianism.

Let's write letters to our heroes and heroines on holidays and without any particular reason. In prison, especially in the current Belarusian conditions, letters and postcards are the most important way to remind that political prisoners are not left alone. Their victims are not in vain that they are remembered and expected.
These are the news of hope and imminent freedom.

Write letters, send postcards, donate to the fund to help political prisoners and their families. Together we will bring the moment of the long-awaited victory closer.

Addresses are here. Please send photos of your letters and the guys' answers to our chatbot.

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