Invitation to cooperate from "A Country to Live in" foundation

"A Country to Live in" fund invites to cooperate those who wish to become the Foundation Ambassador in their country of residence.

Who can become an Ambassador:
  • one who shares our desire to see Belarus as a free and democratic state
  • has authority in his country of residence
  • has the ability to negotiate on behalf of the Fund at the highest level

What the Ambassador does:
  • represents the Foundation in a particular country
  • acts with the help of volunteers or independently for the benefit of the Foundation
  • holds meetings with representatives of civil society
  • increases the attractiveness and recognition of the Fund

Why you need to become our Ambassador:
  • these are interesting acquaintances and establishing communications
  • a sense of community with Belarusians around the world
  • it is always to be in touch with us and PR from our side
  • it is an invaluable contribution to the fight against dictatorship and an important step towards democracy

At this crucial time, when we declared ourselves as a united nation when the Belarusians “began to be called people” but at the same time have not yet achieved victory over the current regime, solidarity is more important than ever, and every person is important. Therefore, representatives of "A Country to Live in" foundation are needed in as many countries as possible - wherever there is a Belarusian diaspora. The whole world must know and talk about Belarusians' struggle about how to help our people.

If you are the same person, fill out the form, and we will definitely contact you!
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