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In March, the "Sports Solidarity" fund came to our Foundation's aid, which helped with paying for the families of 5 political prisoners. Solidarity is not an empty phrase!

"A Country to Live in" foundation continues to fight for a better future for Belarus. Our task is to build a real country for life instead of the corrupt regime that exists now. One of the most important activities of our Foundation is helping the families of political prisoners.

We see it as our task to support relatives and friends of political prisoners, many of whom were left without a means of subsistence. We have 40 such families in our care. We pay them a monthly payment of 300 €. But there are many more in need.

For this, every month, we announce a collection and ask for your help. And every time you do the incredible: share information, support financially, and help!

Unfortunately, in March, it was not possible to collect the entire required amount. But the “Sports Solidarity” fund came to the rescue in time and allocated money for the relatives of five more political prisoners. And it is crucial to lend a shoulder to each other! After all, only together can we build a country for life!

We say thank you and urge all Belarusians to stand in solidarity and support political prisoners' families. The donation amount does not matter. We must do it together.

You can support the work of the Foundation HERE.
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