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On June 5, a multi-day tent meeting began in Lithuania and Poland, bordering Belarus. It is attended by Belarusians who were forced to leave their homeland due to torture, repression, and persecution for their civil position.

We are Belarusians. We want to live in a free and fair country where the rule of law is not an empty phrase. In a country where the rights of all people are respected, regardless of their social status, nationality, or religion. In a country where officials, including the president, are elected by the people in fair and free elections. In an independent court, they are responsible for their activities or inaction. And we believe that Belarus can become such a free and fair country.

Our primary requirements:
  • Release of all political prisoners;
  • Opening of ground checkpoints for citizens of Belarus;
  • Prompt implementation of effective, rather than declarative, sanctions by the EU.

Employees of "A Country to Live in" foundation spent this weekend next to incredible Belarusians at the Medininkai-Kamenny Log checkpoint.

On the first night, almost no one slept - we talked a lot about various things, sang songs of freedom, remembered our country. We also contacted the Belarusians of Poland, who, together with Pavel Latushko, were also around the fire and sang songs at the Bobrovniki-Berestovitsa border crossing. We exchanged warm words and arranged a glorious roll-call!

That night there was hardly a single heavy-duty vehicle whose driver did not honk or show the Victory sign. Truckers came up to us, expressed words of support, took pictures, and said that everything would definitely work out!

Now we are at the workplace, but we will go again to support our children and again stay by the fire in the evening.

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