Fundraising to help 66 families

"A Country to Live in" foundation is constantly increasing the number of families of political prisoners to whom it assists. In March, there were 40 of them, in April - 54, in May - 60. And today, there are 66 such families. Many have small children.

Friends, the number of political prisoners is growing every day, the help of our Foundation is needed by many, and without your support, we will not be able to cope! Especially now, when our ad accounts have been attacked, and fundraising is only due to reposts.

We believe that you will not stand aside even now, and we will be able to help everyone!
  • Required collection amount - 19,800 euros
  • The goal is to support 66 families
  • Help -

You will also help with regular reposting and share this post with your friends!

For all reports on our activities, see HERE.
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A Country to Live in foundation
Helps political prisoners and their families