Coming soon goods with attributes of the fund "A Country to Live in"

TOP-5 Frequently Asked Questions about "A Country to Live in" merchandise.

Can I buy it?
  • Unfortunately, it is impossible to buy clothes with our Fund`s logo now.

When will the online store open?
  • The opening of our online store will take place soon. But we still need a little time. There are difficulties. In addition, we are not professional models either.

What will be available for purchase?
  • On sale in the store, there will be T-shirts, hoodies (with and without a hood), caps, and masks of all sizes, made in different colors (including those prohibited by the Lukashenko regime)

Will there be delivery?
  • Delivery will be carried out worldwide.

Where will the proceeds go?
  • All funds received will go to help political prisoners and their families. Write to us about whether you are waiting for the opening of an online store with the attributes of "A Countries to Live in" fund and you will buy something there? Perhaps you want to see some other products on sale - for example, a toy with a head of an azaronak (to relieve stress), or you suggest your ideas and developments for merch.
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