We collect help for political prisoners who are sent to prison

Volunteers of "A Country to Live in " foundation weekly collect parcels for political prisoners. Some of the guys in the isolation wards have already gone through the "fairest trial in the world" and are now preparing to go to prison.

We believe that the imprisonment will not last long - it is our common power to free all political prisoners and all of Belarus. We understand that right now, the Fund's duty is to support and help people who are sent to serve suicide sentences from judges of Lukashenko.

Their expectation of freedom for reasons beyond their control has been delayed. It’s not their fault. Let's ease the conditions of detention for political prisoners.

Therefore, we have compiled a list and announce the collection of what is required first. To send a person with a small load of the most essential things.

What can you buy for the political prisoner:
  • Cigarettes NZ-10, Winston
  • Nuts (hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, cashews)
  • Ground coffee
  • Large leaf tea
  • Envelopes (regular and 1st grade)
  • Chocolate (milk, dark, bitter)

What you can do right now:
  • Spread this information on chats
  • Support financially if you can do it
  • Buy products and contact our volunteer

Many thanks in advance to all caring people for their help.
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How do you want to help:
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