Keep a positive mood. Especially when life seems meaningless

In our work, we communicate with people and more and more often pay attention to the fact that heroes behind bars are full of faith and meaning. They have not abandoned their beliefs and goals, continue to fight and believe in New Belarus.

We also encounter people (they are usually not in prison) who are mired in apathy and negativity. They are tired and disappointed, as well as resentment and anger that, as they think, nothing came of it.

Friends, let's remember one simple truth: start with yourself if you want to change something. It makes no sense to think that someone else could not do something. Better ask yourself the question: what have I done to change everything? Not someone, but for me.

If we think like this, then we will see the positive.

We will not look for someone to blame for our troubles, but we will take responsibility for ourselves and continue to move forward. We will stop feeling sorry for ourselves and blaming others, but we will act.

For example, we will provide food or clothing support to political prisoners, join the "Peramoga" plan, participate in volunteer activities in various initiatives, and the simplest, but most important, will write the words of support for those in prison.

Just do what you can, where you are, and remember the words of Sergei Tikhanovsky: "I will sit as long as Belarusians allow."

People behind bars do not give up and very often support those who remain at large. So let's help them. After all, it's much easier for us not to give up.

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