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Friends, in these terrible days, people from Belarus and even Russia often write to us who would like to become volunteers and help refugees from Ukraine. Unfortunately, being in a totalitarian regime (and Belarus is occupied), it isn't easy to do something openly. However, some help can still be provided.

We encourage people from Belarus and Russia to share with us relevant information (both from news and personal experience)
  • someone crossed the border, and he has information about what is happening there right now
  • someone got a visa or evacuated and can also share their experience
  • somewhere they offer help, but someone needs it urgently
We call to support political prisoners in Belarus. This case has gone into the background against the backdrop of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, but trials of political prisoners are still taking place in Belarus. Our compatriots are still sitting in punishment cells, pre-trial detention centers, and prisons throughout the country.  That's why 
  • visit the courts and share information from there
  • write letters and send us answers
  • replenish the account of a prisoner in a pre-trial detention center, send parcels to people in captivity, and donate funds, including with the help of our Foundation
The families of political prisoners still really need our help.
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