Three areas where your support is needed

Once again, about solidarity.

Friends, first of all, you are incredible, remember that! Secondly, thanks to everyone who responded to our call to help translate the site into Belarusian and offered help. Volunteers are recruited. Thirdly, we have chosen three directions where support is very much needed for our political prisoners and their families. You can help both by spreading information about these areas and financially.
The direction where we collect everything necessary for a political prisoner who has already been convicted and transferred to serve his sentence. On this page, you can pay for one of four packages, each of which is equally important for a political prisoner.
More than 70 families with children are under the care of  "A Country to Live in" foundation, whom we have been rendering assistance to every month (for more than half a year now). Therefore, any amount is essential. Therefore, we kindly ask you to help families and little Belarusians.
Promotion dedicated to Mother's Day. We know firsthand how important it is not to be alone in difficult moments of life, how sad it is during the holidays. The purpose of this action is to give mothers the piece of attention and care that their loving sons gave them. 

Friends, support one or more directions and share this information on chats. Tell your friends. Thanks.
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