Important rules for sending registered letters

Friends, we have written and talked a lot about how important it is to support our heroes with the help of correspondence. Also, we already all know for sure about the difference between a regular and a registered letter.

But let's freshen up again:
  • we send letters by a registered method
  • when sending a registered letter, it is IMPORTANT to indicate the passport details of the sender (unfortunately, not everyone knows about this option and this may be one of the reasons for the non-delivery of your letter)
  • we put an empty envelope with a return address in the letter (so that your envelope does not accidentally disappear, we recommend that you mention its presence in the letter)
  • upon delivery of your registered letter, the prisoner signs on the form, which also increases the chances of receiving

Remember the main thing: a letter from freedom is the easiest and most effective way to show solidarity in today's conditions. Yes, not all letters reach the addressees, only a thin trickle breaks through. But the main thing for us is not to give up.

You can support political prisoners HERE.

You can help pay for the programs for political prisoners HERE.
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