Let's overcome difficult times together

"A Country to Live in" foundation continues fundraising to help political prisoners. In these difficult times, solidarity and support are especially needed by behind bars on trumped-up charges.

Over the past year, a nation's birth has been taking place, when Belarusians become a single organism from disunited atoms. Lukashenko’s regime naturally opposes this transformation, which will end his rule. Therefore, he seeks to intimidate Belarusians - both those who remained at large and those thrown into prison.

Our task is to show solidarity and prevent this. Do not allow political prisoners to fall into despair and lose faith in the common Victory. Today's programs for political prisoners help us to form the activists of the districts of the city of Minsk. We are very grateful for the support. Unfortunately, we will not list the names so as not to expose the guys once again.

But it is becoming more and more difficult to assist political prisoners. Our foundation received an answer that one of the donors does not yet have the opportunity to finance the programs. This is a physical security issue. But this understanding does not make it easier for our political prisoners. They still need help and food, necessities. And programs for them are an important way of communication.

By organizing the collection and transmission of programs, we demonstrate solidarity with those who took the repression blow at the forefront. We ask for your support! We only have funds left for one more transfer. We are in charge of 33 families for whom we assist with transmissions. One transfer takes 40-50 rubles, which is about 500 € per week.

There are 3 ways to help:
  • Disseminate this information:
  • Provide material support
  • Collect the program yourself and coordinate with us the candidacy of a political prisoner

Together we will become stronger and overcome these difficult times.

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