Free postcard - in good hands!

Get a Free postcard with a picture of a political prisoner for any donation to "A Country to Live in" foundation.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. The guys from "Free Pashtovak" support the action "Flowers for a mother whose son is behind bars" and give you a Free Pastoўka with a picture of a political prisoner in gratitude for any donation.

What should be done:
  • Pay for a bouquet for mom here, or donate absolutely any amount here
  • Send a screenshot of the donation to Instagram direct, to the mail, or the @pashtouki telegram
  • Provide the address where you can send the postcard

Please help us spread this information so that as many mothers as possible receive flowers on this day!

If you have already donated earlier - send a screen to the guys, and they will give you a postcard!
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A Country to Live in foundation
Helps political prisoners and their families