Foundation volunteers: 39 days in prison

For more than a month our friends and associates have been imprisoned.

Cause? Their kind hearts. Unfortunately, in the country for the life of lukashenka today, they are imprisoned for less.

What we know at this moment:
  • Yulia Syrykh's eyesight is falling, she needed vitamins, medications
  • Problems with letters from relatives continue, but they pass from caring Belarusians, to which our guys are very happy and send words of gratitude
  • Newspapers began to arrive, and Yulia also has a TV in her cell.
The whole day goes by the schedule: half an hour walks, the rest of the time reading books, writing letters, and mutual support. Our dear friends tell us that there are many good people in the cell who help each other and take care of each other in every possible way.

Also, the volunteers of the Fund remind us that Belarusian is Belarusian for Belarusian, and we should in no case forget about our common goal and turn away from the path, being distracted by disputes and mutual accusations.

Friends, if you know personally, or our volunteers somehow helped you - write to us about this in the bot, share your story. Everything is completely anonymous. We want to tell you about our heroes in your words.

Also, support the volunteers of  "A Country to Live in" foundation by letters: SIZO-1, 220030, Minsk, Volodarskogo 2.
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