World Congress of Belarusians 2.0

On October 30, 2021, the second World Congress of Belarusians will be held in two weeks. It will take place both online and offline. All meetings, discussions, presentations will be broadcast on the Congress YouTube channel. If you, your initiative, or organization wants to speak on topical topics of the development of Belarus and the life of Belarusians, send an application for participation right now. Congress also needs volunteers. You can become one by applying here.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, Pavel Latushko, Vadim Prokopyev, Ivonka Survilo are already among the speakers and moderators of the Congress ...

Let us remind you that the first Congress of Belarusians was held a year earlier. Well-known economists, journalists, politicians spoke at it. At the same time, a year ago, the creation of "A Country to Live in"foundation was announced. Today the Foundation provides information support to Congress. In addition, Maria Moroz will talk about the current activities of our organization, achievements, and successes, as well as the problems the Foundation faces and how to solve them.

In 2020, Belarusians around the world woke up from their sleep. We realized ourselves as a single nation and understood our responsibility for the country. Belarusians no longer want to put up with the dictatorship and arbitrariness that has taken root in our homeland. Congress is one of the ways of communication between us. A way to develop a joint action plan that will help crush the dictatorship and build a truly rule-of-law state in Belarus with a dynamically developing economy.

“We, Belarusians, relatives and friends, neighbors and colleagues, classmates and teachers are part of a large family. We live in our native land and many countries. We speak Mova and many languages ​​of the world. We know how to be in solidarity and defend our own. We know that all our voices constitute one voice - the voice of our people. We know that our home is Belarus, and wherever we are, our Belarus will always be with us - in our hearts, in a place where we can return, in the voices of our loved ones.

We know that Belarus is our land and our family ”.
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