Are you in Belarus and want to help political prisoners ?!

Despite repressions and persecutions, many Belarusians want to help and show solidarity with the captured heroes. We have compiled a practical guide to helping political prisoners: choose the most convenient option for you and go for it!
  • Write letters to political prisoners. Everyone is talking about this, and we will not tire of repeating it since it is essential. It is important to share your support and warmth with those who are directly affected.
  • Collect packages for political prisoners. Every day we shape and wear the transmissions of our heroes. And you can help in this in three ways: financially (any amount is important), buying products that need to be handed over to our volunteers (contact person), complete the transfer yourself and clarify who is more relevant to transfer it (contact person).
  • Top up the prisoner's account. The inmates need funds in their accounts. Since not all products are accepted in the programs, the only way out is to buy them yourself in the store at the SIZO. Anyone can replenish the account without even leaving home.
  • Subscribe the hero in prison to newspapers and magazines. In conclusion, free news is sorely lacking. On state channels and in the pro-government press, you will be fed with ideological noodles, and letters will often not miss important news from the outside. Exit - subscription to regular free editions! This can be done online or at the nearest branch of Belpochta.
  • Conduct solidarity actions. Record videos (safely), post portraits of political prisoners, write stories in foreign media, edit motivational videos.

Most importantly, do not be indifferent! Spread this information on chats, let as many people as possible know and support political prisoners. Send your results to our chatbot. Let's be in solidarity!

You can help political prisoners HERE.
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