2.5 tons of food collected for political prisoners in April

Solidarity in action! In April, 2.5 tons of food products were collected for political prisoners.

Friends, this is how much food you have collected for political prisoners. Thanks to you, 77 people, heroes in prison, received 30 kg each. necessary products. And another ten kilograms in parcels by mail.

We are grateful to you!

We still have a small stock of products, but here's what you can transfer now and what you always need:
  • cigarettes NZ-10, Winston
  • nuts (hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, cashews)
  • ground coffee
  • large leaf tea
  • envelopes (regular and class 1)
  • chocolate (milk, dark, bitter)
  • pens, colored pencils

What else is important to do right now:
  • spread this information to chats
  • support financially if you can do it
  • buy products and contact our volunteer

Many thanks in advance to all caring people for their help.
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