Marina Neronskaya: "Why is it important to help the families of political prisoners"?

We announce monthly fundraising and call for assistance to the families of political prisoners. Why is it important? This is the question we ask the relatives of people whose loved ones are behind bars.

This is what Marina answers, whose husband Vladimir has been in prison since May (in January he was sentenced to three years in a general regime colony, the verdict will be appealed on April 6 at the Minsk Regional Court).

This help seems to shorten the distance between my husband and me.

Firstly, it is a feeling of confidence that my husband is not forgotten, that his desire to change our life is respected and appreciated.

Secondly, this is assistance in covering very large expenses for travel, transfers, meetings, transfers, fines, lawyers, and other related issues that arise during Vladimir's long absence.

Thirdly, it is the support of the financial situation of the family, which subsists on one salary. Mandatory payments in our country are off the charts. I have two children (11th grade of school and kindergarten). You need to pay for the services of a tutor, a loan for an apartment, utility bills, mobile phones, electricity, food, clothing. And also, a loan for my husband's car was added.

Thank you very much to those who help the families of political prisoners for your concern. For help and support, for the time and effort that you spend.

The most important. I feel that we, LIGHT people, are the MOST.

It's not so scary and lonely now to be alone with two children.

When help comes with groceries, the son says: "Mom, did Dad give the sweets again?" Dad works for us on a special assignment and will come home soon.

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