Day of the Global Picket of Solidarity with Belarus

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya calls on all Belarusians to support each other on the Global Picket of Solidarity with Belarus.

“On May 29, 2020, I saw on the air how my husband Sergei Tikhanovsky was being detained at the picket. A year has passed, and on the eve of May 29, I want to address everyone who watches this video as myself. Consider this an internal monologue that each of us conducts, ”Svetlana Tikhanovskaya addressed the Belarusians on the eve of May 29.

On this day, she called on the entire international community to support the Belarusians and hold a Global Picket of Solidarity with Belarus. But the main thing is that the Belarusians themselves should support each other.

Everyone can:
  • Support your hometown or village, tell about it in your social networks and the “Spotlight of Regions.”
  • Pay for transmissions to political prisoners in "A Country to Live in" foundation or support families of prisoners of conscience in the BySol Foundation.
  • Gather comrades-in-arms and organize a street action.
  • Write a letter to those who cannot be reached now.
  • Support Sergey Tikhanovsky in action "Where are your slippers, Belarusians?" - for this it is enough to leave the slippers anywhere in the city where they will be noticed.
  • Wear white clothes to support the #Color Against Darkness campaign.
  • Print posters, paint graffiti - as they say, "do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

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