Svetlana Tikhanovskaya's office is summing up the results of the Democratic Forces for the year

Support program for participants in the strike movement, as well as citizens and businesses affected by the repressions

The program provides for the reinstatement of dismissed protesters at work (at their request), reimbursement of financial costs due to contract termination, provision of deferred payments on mortgage loans, compensation for strike participants, refund of fines paid, and much more.

EU Economic Aid Plan for Democratic Belarus

The total amount of the EU Economic Plan is 3 billion euros. This whole volume is divided into 3 directions:
  • Supporting economic growth.
  • Help in organizing reforms.
  • Investment in infrastructure and the private sector.
The EU economic plan is only the first part of international assistance to the future Belarus economy. 3 billion euros is just what the EU has already promised to allocate to Belarus for development in the first 2-3 years.

Politically Persecuted Persons Exemption and Reinstatement Act

A ready-made solution for freeing people within two days. It implies releasing people convicted in political, administrative, and criminal cases from May 8, 2020, and compensation for the fines paid.

Draft Democratic Constitution of the New Belarus

The Basic Law, written not in secret from the people, considers all the realities of the country. The document has been in public comment for several months now. Therefore, everyone can express their comments.

New elections

For the new elections in Belarus to be transparent and open, 4 tasks need to be solved: the work of observers, the formation of election commissions, the counting of votes, and the registration of candidates. A draft regulation has been drawn up for each of the tasks, which guarantees the holding of fair and free elections.
  • Draft regulation on the formation of election commissions
  • Draft regulation on the collection and verification of signatures.
  • Draft decree on the work of election observers.
  • Draft decree on the counting of votes in the elections.

The concept of restoring the rule of law and national reconciliation

The concept, which the Coordination Council developed, envisages bridging the split between the Belarusian society and representatives of government and administration, including government bodies, the legal system, science, education, and health systems at all levels, law enforcement agencies, state-controlled business entities, and the media.

The unified strategy of democratic forces

The strategy unites Tikhanovskaya's Office, the Coordinating Council, NAU, political parties, and initiatives around the movement for new free elections. It includes strengthening civil society, disseminating truthful information, organizing internal and external pressure, working with officials, and creating a reform package for New Belarus.

All the results are on the website of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.
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