"It depends on each of us how soon our heroes return home." Svetlana Tikhanovskaya - about the trial of her husband, Sergey Tikhanovsky

Today, June 24, the trial in the case of Sergei Tikhanovsky begins. The process will be closed and will take place on the territory of the Gomel pre-trial detention center.

Nikolay Statkevich, Igor Losik, Artem Sakov, Dmitry Popov, and Vladimir Tsyganovich are tried together with Tikhanovsky.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya: “On May 29, 2020, my husband Sergey Tikhanovsky was detained right at the picket to collect signatures. Since then, our family's life - like that of thousands of Belarusian families - has changed a lot.

Since that day, Sergey has never seen our children. He didn’t hear five-year-old Agnia ask, “Mom, is Daddy definitely not dead?” And I didn’t hear how eleven-year-old Korney answered her: "Our dad is held hostage by the regime."

Sergey said: “I will sit as long as the people of Belarus will allow.” The people of Belarus are you and me. They are Belarusians in the country and from the diaspora. And it depends on each of us how soon our heroes will return home, embrace their loved ones, and together they will build a country for life. "
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