Vote for the future of Belarus

The nationwide voting announced by Svetlana Tikhanovskaya continues on the "Golos" platform.

On Freedom Day, if, of course, you have not done this yet, we suggest you vote in support of the united campaign of the democratic forces of Belarus on negotiations with the regime.

As the people's elected leader of Belarus, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, said a week ago: “We are not launching this vote instead of street protests. We are doing it together with street protests.”

The primary goal of the Belarusian people is to overthrow the criminal Lukashenko regime. All means are good for this. No matter how it happened - through negotiations or through protests in the streets.

Rarely has a nation in history turned out to be so united - the majority of Belarusians demand Lukashenk'os departure. We propose to formalize this requirement by voting on the "Golos" platform. More than 750,000 Belarusians have already done this. But more votes are needed.

How do I vote?

If the chatbot "Golos" is installed, go to it and enter the command/win.

If the chatbot is deleted or the user is not registered, you need to go to the platform website or through the backup address (the main site may be blocked in Belarus). You should choose a suitable messenger, register, and enter the command/win

Together we will win!

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