Svetlana Tikhanovskaya supports all those joining the strike if the Ultimatum demands are not met.

“The people’s ultimatum is the will of the citizens of Belarus. On October 25, the Belarusians will protest against violence, demanding freedom for political prisoners, and holding a new and fair election. This cannot be achieved unless Lukashenko resigns.

If our demands are not met, then on October 26 the Belarusians will declare a nationwide strike. I am aware that industrial workers, transport workers, railroad workers, teachers, and students plan their own strikes and defiance campaigns. I know that private businesses will support the strikers. On October 26, there will be many companies and enterprises that will keep their doors shut. Athletes, artists, doctors, and religious communities will join them with their own actions. This is how the first week of the nationwide strike will begin.

Every one of you who sides with the people will receive all possible assistance from public organizations and funds. No one will be left in trouble. I will support each one who joins the people of Belarus on October 26”.

24.10.2020, 2:12

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