Svetlana Tikhanovskaya announced the creation of an operational headquarters of democratic forces

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya announced the creation of an operational headquarters for democratic forces. This is a response to the referendum on changing the Constitution, held on February 27.

"Yesterday the regime announced an illegitimate "referendum." This is an attempt to hold on to power, but this does not solve the political, economic, and humanitarian crisis and the problems of the people. This is not a choice "for" and "against," it's just a proposal to choose between lukashenka and lukashenka. And this is not what the Belarusians fought for and continue to fight for.

Today I want to announce that we are creating an operational headquarters of democratic forces for the campaign period. This is the focal point that starts work today. Before the "referendum," we will gather in one Office in Vilnius to work side by side and together.

There are political structures and civil initiatives in the operational headquarters, and we invite everyone who wants to join our work. Many people already support us. On the campaign website, you can see many initiatives and communities within Belarus that endorsed the strategy. You can write to us by mail, in the chatbot of the Office, or chatbots of partners. All contacts can be found in our telegram channels.

We urge citizens to come to the polling stations and take action with the ballot: to make it invalid by crossing out all the proposed options. And confirm your actions on the Golos platform - this will allow you to show the actual situation at each site in each city.

Each of you has more ideas on how to use the illegitimate "referendum" to show the people's will. Each of you who is ready to get involved in the work within the strategic framework and prepare for February 27 is our ally, and we will be glad to see you with us. So write to us and join".
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